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by Gary A. Cameron, Down the Road Photography.

There are several factors that must be in place BEFOREHAND to insure that your prized vehicle possession comes out looking its very best after a photo session with Down The Road Photography. Let’s go over them now; like many things in life, it’s all in the preparation.


Getting your automobile, truck, or motorcycle ready for a quality photo shoot is no different than prepping it for a day of show, whether it be the local drive-in or a judged concours d’elegance.


I start here, because nothing detracts from a beautiful presentation than dust and grime on shiny, black engine parts and hoses. There is great beauty to the component that makes it go, so spend a little extra time getting the engine bay looking its very best.


The same rules apply here: dirty carpeting that has not been vacuumed or cleaned, leather or vinyl or fabric with stains, dust, or crud, will show poorly. Chrome that has not be polished, glass that does not sparkle, trust me, the camera shows all.


The skin of the car must be washed, dried, buffed, detailed and glisten (unless it’s an original 1929 Buick barn find with patina and an unrestored beauty all its own), to look good. All vehicles have signature lines, accessories, and strengths; make them look their best.


Again, detailed and clean, no road crud, chrome and paint shiny, and rubber/whitewalls free of dirt and mud. You do NOT have to have a wet wheel dressing on the rubber; we can determine if that is needed at the photo session.

All of the above suggestions are a starter; once on site, we can tidy up the vehicle if it was driven or coming off a trailer. We just don’t want to spend the entire session getting the star of the show ready on location.

Which leads us to..


Please take a moment to look at the vehicles in the PORTFOLIO section of Down The Road Photography. While the car is the star of the show, the backdrop or setting is the key ingredient that makes everything work. Several factors come into play into the location of the shoot.

1. Does it compliment the vehicle? Is there an association or pleasing factor that makes the vehicle look good, but not overwhelm or distract?

2. Is it safe, legal and free of time constraints? In other words, can we move about the location safely, with the owner’s permission, and take our time in accomplishing the various angles and positioning of the vehicle? I usually spend, at a minimum, of four to five hours photographing a vehicle. I take my time, do a lot of positioning, so patience is a virtue here.

3. Depending on where the owner and vehicle are located, I attempt to find the “right” spot, factoring in all of the above. Suggestions on location are an important part of working with the owner.

Detail Photo of a Corvette Car


The two best times of day, depending on what month of the calendar we’re working in, are dawn and a few hours after, and before end of day, as the sun sets to darkness. These are the “golden hours” where just about anything looks better than images taken at high noon. Depending on the vehicle’s shape, color and setting, there are exceptions to quality of light. I also include supplementing natural light with artificial light sources to enhance certain aspects of a vehicle.

Everything that has been listed above contributes to a beautiful, and successful, photo session with your special vehicle. Outside of actually making stunning photographs, I enjoy the preparation and getting ready very much.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Gary A. Cameron
Down The Road Photography

Detail Photo of a Car
Detail Photo of a Car